The project

Since 2018, the Communauté maritime des IDLM and Hydro-Québec have been working together to develop a microgrid project adapted to the needs of the environment. The development of an ecodistrict in the Îles-de-la-Madeleine will allow this microgrid to be harmoniously integrated into the territory and will contribute to the energy transition of the archipelago.

The sector targeted for the eco-district was chosen because of its strategic location, close to the ferry and the Main road. In addition, the site is the ideal place for the development of a sustainable real estate project, in particular because of the potential of the buildings to accommodate a mix of uses. The ecodistrict will revitalize the city center and will therefore contribute to consolidating the heart of Cap-aux-Meules.

Overall, the Islands eco-district will be an urban environment whose buildings will have low energy consumption. The site will be embellished with environmental elements and people will travel there using sustainable mobility. Outdoor living areas, a pedestrian street and ecological corridors will be developed there. Ultimately, the Îles-de-la-Madeleine ecodistrict will be a living environment with a deep culture of sustainable development that will be a source of inspiration in Quebec and elsewhere in the world.

The project is divided into five phases over a ten-year period.


1st phase

Phase 1, led by the Communauté maritime des Îles, will be devoted to the development of a community building housing the École de cirque des Îles, a building for people with special needs (Le Phare) and housing for a diverse clientele.

During this phase, promoters will be invited to conceptualize the project as a whole and to measure the resulting investment possibilities. This phase is also intended for the revitalization of a marsh and a stream to allow residents, fauna and flora to live together harmoniously.

Spring 2025

2nd to 5th phases

They will be dedicated to the reception of local businesses, homes and offices.


In collaboration with citizens, carry out a sustainable development project that addresses the issues of housing, downtown revitalization and energy transition of the Islands.


The Écoquartier des Îles is a technological village core tinged with island colour. A place integrated into its environment and looking towards the future, it is located in the heart of the Madelinot archipelago and close to the sea. Respect for the environment, innovation and the community are key elements that guide the evolution of this project.


Respect for the environment

The neighborhood is built and developed so that the resident lives in harmony with the resources that surround him. The buildings in the Islands ecodistrict also have low energy consumption. Together, they form a microgrid developed by Hydro-Québec that aims for energy efficiency and resilience.


As a technological showcase, the ecodistrict makes it possible to test and develop new expertise that stimulate, among other things, the integration of decentralized energy resources (RED).


The eco-neighbourhood’s community spaces and nearby cultural activities promote interaction between residents and enhance their sense of community.


For more information on the project, you can write to us at the following address